The Verbal Abuse Act

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The Verbal Abuse Act is a Liberalian Law

[edit] The Bill


Let it be said that freedom of speech and opinion is the natural right of the people and should never be taken away or greatly restricted on this forum.

That being said, People should also have the rights to freedom of speech without facing verbal abuse or insults from other posters on the forum.

In an attempt to balance out freedom of speech and freedom from abuse, this bill will guarentee the following:

I. Only the person insulted or verbally abused may report this offense. No administrator or any other Liberalian citizen may report it.

II. The person charged of the offense will be given a fair trial. If found guilty, that person will be given a warning. If the person continues to insult people on the forum and is found guilty a 2nd time, they will lose their eligibility to vote in the upcoming election. If found guilty a 3rd time or more, the case will be reviewed by the admins, who may possibly decide to ban the person from the forums or take away the person's ability to vote in several more elections or possibly altoghether. Note that the innocent person will not recieve a warning no matter how many trials they go through. Offences covered under the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure Act are treated seperately as per those rules

III. In a concluding rule, if the court is unsure of whether material is suppose to be offensive or not, they must automatically assume the person is not guilty, as there is not enough evidence to convict the citizen.

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